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How self-sabotaging hinders success

Sometimes we become our own roadblocks to success. When we are at ease with our failures, and our life resonates more with failing than with succeeding, success starts scaring us. As success brings more responsibilities, creates more performance pressure that leads to stress and anxiety, and to escape these feelings, we consciously or unconsciously get into the habit of self-sabotaging.

Am I someone else?

In life we come across diverse situations and people, all demanding a different approach from us, and that won’t be possible if are clung to some specific identities, flexibility is a must for stability, and flexibility comes to one who is unshakable at the very core.

Do we Fill Our souls before filling our carts

Walking down the street, as Sheena crosses by the new store in the city, her eyes hook on to the beautiful, glittering and shimmering magenta gown, flaunted by the mannequin. She was nostalgic to see the crafted fabric. Though she already had six gowns in different colours, she couldn’t restrain herself from buying the seventh one. To complete the look, she also buys a nice pair of shoes along with some beautiful Jewellery. “Something is still missing’’, she wonders. She buys a classy handbag to go with her dress. Wait! There are a few more items in the cart.

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